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An Artist based in Rwanda

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Cindi Cassady is a clinical psychologist by profession living in Rwanda. She enjoys the challenge of working with alcohol ink on canvas; moving between having control and guiding the medium to define the final message or letting go and allowing the medium the freedom to influence the end result in a unique and unexpected way.

The recurring themes of her works focus on women and children, and the important role women play in society and the family.

Her work has been displayed in several exhibitions in Kigali: “Living with Hope”, a solo exhibition 2022, “Carte Postal,” exhibition in 2019 with Epa Binamungu, Adama Gadema’s “Lost Wax Arts Bronze Exhibition in 2020, and a group exhibition, “Women in Art,” at Kanombe Art Museum in 2020.

“Les femmes artistes doivent briser les barrières pour que l’experience des femmes ait de la valeur.”-

Liz Phair


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